Thursday, August 19, 2010

Apology, it is just a word.

First, i think that i need to write a few words about something, tapi puasa-puasa ni jgn ckp lebih-lebih. takut nnti akan ada buat salah.

Tapi kalau kita takut buat salah, we tend to make more mistakes, dan juga,bila kita takut buat salah, smpai bile kita takkan belajar.

Tapi bila dah buat salah, you must repair it.

But for some people, to received an apologies, to them it is just a word. Don't blame them because maybe they still had something inside them or happened that bothering them hardly. Maybe time will heal.

So now, i made mistakes, i try to repair, i apologies, whether it goes to be accept only as a word or as a true sincere regret, its way beyond my power.

Without ckp lebih-lebih and make more mistake,

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